Thursday, September 25, 2008

how did this start -

well I am not exactly sure how or where or why I began thinking about this but I do remember somewhere in the mid 1960's being outside at night - looking up at the stars and while thinking about some of the things that had been discussed in class during the say about the atoms - and electrons and protons and neutrons that were believed to make up the atom - and at the same time just how small the atom within my body is compared to the stars and the distance between the stars and those little tiny atoms in my body - and I began to imagine - what if our earth were like an atom in the hand of a giant man whose body was made up of all of the stars that we could see - that were in our Universe -

Friday, September 12, 2008

The correlation of my images created randomly and the functioning of this Universal Brain

Copyright: Walter Paul Bebirian

It is my understanding that there is some correlation between my being in tune with or taping into or connecting with the larger Universal Brain which generates these image which I am continuously creating and to which many people are responding to in a positive manner -

The Beginning of Walter's Brain Project

It is my understanding that everything that exists in what is often referred to as the Universe which may include many different Universes parallel or non parallel existing at different times and in different spaces is all connected and is in essence one tremensdously large and interconnected brain - therefore I wish to look at things from this perspectives and see if there is any advantage to this viewpoint -